Different Applications of Static Electricity – Electrostatic Charging

Eektrostatické nabíjení

Unpleasant effects of static electricity are already well-known. People experience uncomfortable discharges. Materials stick together. Discharges cause material damage or even fire. However, electrostatic charge can be also very helpful! Materials can be attached temporarily to one another - static electricity is an invisible helping hand in your production! This method is already being used in many manufacturing processes.



Overview of devices for electrostatic charging:

  • Charging generators ChargeMaster Tiny (CM Tiny), CM Lite, CM5
  • Charging bars HD-C, HD-R, Pinner Easy
  • Charging electrodes Pinner 5 Point, Pinner Linear 6 Point, Pinner Claw
  • Device for count up the number of plastic bags Perfomaster
  • Set of devices for In Mould Labeling


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