We have been successfully operating on the market since our formation in 1997 as a manufacturer of surface cleaning systems for the industry.

Since 2013 the engineering office "Funktion & Design" has changed into the limited liability company "Imm Cleaning Solutions GmbH". The change of name was necessary because the previous name does not correspond quite clearly with the field of our activities.

The new name stands as well for quality and know-how at the sectors development, construction and production of 3D-cleaning devices.

Our highly-skilled professionals, up-to-date manufacturing technologies and flexible response to the needs of our customers have made us a well-known and competitive company.





Firma Ziegener+Frick byla založena v roce 1966.
Firma působí jako obchodní zastoupení firmy Simco-ION v Německu a zároveň vyrábí vlastní výrobky:
- vzduchové nože
- čistící hlavice a celé systémy


LONTECH - surface treatment, s.r.o.

533 22 Býšť 34 (okres Pardubice)