IML Method

Use of Static Electricity for Label Insertion into Mould of Injection Moulding Machine

Electrostatic IML is a method when, due to static elektricity, a label sticks inside to the mould during injection or blow moulding of plastics. IML method allows you to use usual moulds without complicated adjustments (the adjustment of the mould for label attachment with suction). An electrostatically charged label is placed in the mould cavity and sticks exactly on the wished position, even during injection of plastics to the mould.


 Eektrostatické nabíjení     Obrázek1


- Fully recyclable end-product
- Higher quality graphics for better promotion of your product or its contents (e.g. food packaging)
- Less costs
- Suitable for usual moulds
- Very reliable process (eliminates screen printing, label application or pad printing on a product)

The In Mould Labeling (IML) process:

  1. A robot or a manipulator picks-up labels from the cartridge with the use of suction.
  2. In dependence on the charging method, the label is charged and moved into the mould to a specific position.
  3. The suction is turned off and the label sticks firmly on the mould surface.
  4. The robot or the manipulator leaves the mould.
  5. The injection cycle begins.

Device specifications:

This technology requires:

• A robot or a manipulator with a head adjusted for a specific product.
• Label cartridge.
• Simco ION electrostatic charging device, which consists of a generator, charging electrodes, cables, etc.
• Labels suitable for electrostatic charging.


Typical applications: Tanks/buckets for washing powder, lids, dishes for ice-cream or cheese, toys, garden tables, beer crates, etc.


Overview of devices for In Mould Labelling:

  • CM-Lite, CMME High Voltage Generators
  • Charging electrode for IML applications IML Spider
  • Materials and other devices for In Mould Labeling  


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